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 F.B.I FCC Violations | Advertisement Policy

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PostSubject: F.B.I FCC Violations | Advertisement Policy   Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:34 pm

* Anda sedang membuka internet dan browsing ke dalam website F.B.I
* Anda membuka FCC Violations Announcements :

Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a large Federal Law Enforcement Agency in charge of handling many crimes throughout the state. Since their long standing status in San Andreas, they've begun to find research through heavy undercover work.

Below you will see the several detailed violations that if used in an advertisement or the News, the suspect will be charged with an FCC violation. Depending on the advertisement and if it's attempting to sell anything illegal, the advertiser may be charged with an intent to distribute. Without further delay below is the list and I suggest you all know it and follow it.


Materials, as everyone knows it, are items to make weapons. The following words listed in an advertisement are all linked to materials in some way, and are a cause for an FCC Violation, or a Federal Communications Commission Violation.

* Materials
* Mats
* Metals
* Words like: [M]any [A]rtists [T]each [S]omething, with "MATS" in brackets
* Car Parts
* MATresses
* MATbooks or Mathbooks
* Anything related will be a cause for an FCC as well.

Keep in mind that the materials list is subject to change at anytime to add or remove words.


Firearms are a growing issue in the San Andreas area. They're used to hurt and harm many people in mainly the Los Santos area. We don't need weapons trafficking in San Andreas. Please read the following list to see what is not appropriate in an advertisement, and will be subjected to an FCC Violation.

* The weapon name itself. (i.e. MP5, Deagle, Spas12, etc.)
* "Selling/Buying an eagle from the desert "
* Anything with "Eagle" or "Desert" or "Dead - Eagle"
* MP5 Player
* Heat
* [Weapon Name] - Poster
* Replicas of a weapon
* SPAStic Monkey for the Combat Shotgun
* Toy guns such as a BBgun, or a Toy Shotgun, etc.

Keep in mind that the firearms list is subject to change at anytime to add or remove words.


Narcotics is also a known growing habit in the San Andreas area. We see drug dealing going on everyday, if not more... it's time to start cutting down on it, especially with the advertisements. Such words in an advertisement are NOT permitted and will result in an FCC Violation.

* The drug itself. (i.e. Marijuana, Pot, Crack, etc.)
* Grass
* Weed
* Pot/Pottery
* Snow
* Crackers
* Flour
* Sugar
* Plants

Keep in mind that the narcotics list is subject to change at anytime to add or remove words.

Vulgar/Obscene Language

Vulgar language is something that most everyone uses. However, it's not permitted in local advertisements. If you're writing inappropriate detail in an advertisement, you will receive an FCC Violation marked with "Misconduct." Here are a small list of words that aren't allowed in public advertisements.

* indopro, indopro you, etc.
* Penis, Cock, Vagina, etc.
* Bitch
* Cunt, Whore, Slut, Horney, etc.
* Any racism - Chink, Nigger, etc.
* Selling books titled with obscene language or racial comments. (i.e. Selling book titled: indopro you, Ryan Cool, you stupid nigger.)
* Questions that link to obscene language of racial comments. (i.e. Nigger steal your bike? ((/contract.))
* Sex
* Rape
* Retard
* Stupid, Idiot, etc.

Keep in mind that the language list is subject to change at anytime to add or remove words.


Prostitution is not allowed in the state of San Andreas. It can lead to sexual misconduct, rape, and overall it's wretched an un-needed. If you're caught posting prostitution lines in an advertisement, it will be subjected to an FCC Violation. Here is a small list of words or phrases that are not allowed in a public advertisement.

* "Looking for a good time?"
* "Need some lovin' tonight?"
* "Looking for a hot girl/boy."

Keep in mind that the prostitutions list is subject to change at anytime to add or remove words.

General Misconduct of an Advertisement

Misconduct and mis usage of an advertisement has been happening a lot lately. We see people write things like:

* Nigger steal your ride?
* Did Joe Schmoe steal your girl?
* Sammy Osborn has a huge indopro motherfucking dick, go suck it.

Those types of advertisements won't be tolerated, and will be a cause for an FCC Violation for Misconduct or Misuse of an advertisement.

FCC Charges

Now I bet you're asking... "What happens if I get an FCC Violation?" Well, what an FCC violation is, is basically an abuse of the advertisement, using it in a wrongful manner. Read the chart below to see if what the fines are.

If you receive:
1 FCC Violation - $2000.00 Fine.
2 FCC Violations - $4000.00 Fine.
3 FCC Violations - $6000.00 Fine.
4 FCC Violations - Jailed for 7 days, plus an $8000.00 Fine.
5 FCC Violations - Jailed for 14 days, plus a $10,000.00 Fine.

Keep in mind that these violations must happen in a row, meaning you must have all of the charges at once to receive the fine. If you received 1 FCC Violation, and paid the fine... if you receive another FCC Violation down the road, you're still only paying the same fine again. If we find that you're repeatedly making FCC Violations and just paying the fines off, we will start increasing the fine per-time you write an FCC.


Please make sure that your public advertisements are clean and out of the way from public profanity, trafficking, and prostitution. If the F.B.I. notices advertisements that are being used such as:

" Selling 5k ________ for 50k " with words in that blank, we'll keep adding to the list if we find that the word is used to sell narcotics, firearms, or materials. Drug, material and weapon trafficking is absolutely illegal in the state of San Andreas. Keep it to yourselves and do "deals" on your own time. Don't post public advertisements about them.

Those types of violations won't be tolerated, and will be a cause for an FCC Violation for Misconduct or Misuse of an advertisement.


Lucien Lockhart
Director Of Federal Bureau Investigation, S.A.

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F.B.I FCC Violations | Advertisement Policy
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